Our Team

Matthew Druckenmiller - Director


Dr. Matthew Druckenmiller (PI) is serving as the NNA-CO Director, overseeing the overall coordination and daily operations of the office and its team. He is also responsible for the office’s cooperation with NSF’s NNA Working Group to ensure alignment with NSF strategies and programming. He brings over 15 years of transdisciplinary research experience in Arctic and sub-Arctic regions, often in close collaboration with Arctic communities. He also brings experience in participating with a host of national and international Arctic research and policy institutions, including the Polar Research Board (PRB), the Interagency Arctic Research Policy Committee (IARPC), the Study of Environmental Arctic Change (SEARCH), and the International Arctic Science Committee (IASC).

Nikoosh Carlo - Advisory Boards Lead & Co-Chair


Dr. Nikoosh Carlo (Co-PI) is Koyukon Athabascan, CEO of CNC North Consulting, and the co-chair of the NNA-CO advisory boards. In this role she will lead the boards in ensuring the work of the NNA-CO is grounded in our guiding principles and that the boards’ guidance is integrated into NNA-CO activities. As the founder and chief strategist of CNC North Consulting, Dr. Carlo, helps clients develop a vision for their climate change and Arctic priorities and build momentum to achieve change. She has worked across political divides for State Senators, Ambassadors, and Governors on issues of Arctic governance. Her true passion is working with organizations that support climate change equity, and the well-being of Arctic residents and Indigenous peoples.

James Temte - Community Extension Office Lead


James Temte (Co-PI) is a member of the Northern Cheyenne Tribe and will lead the NNA-CO Community Extension Office at Alaska Pacific University (APU). James is currently the Director of APU’s Office of Research and Community Engagement. He will support current and future efforts of Indigenous organizations and Indigenous-led collaborations to engage Arctic Indigenous peoples and communities in the work of the NNA-CO. James brings over 15 years of experience working with Tribes and Tribal organizations on social and environmental science initiatives.

Anne Gold - Education and Outreach Lead


Dr. Anne Gold (Co-PI) is leading the NNA-CO education and outreach activities. She is the Director of the CIRES Education & Outreach Program and brings more than a decade of experience connecting scientists, communities, learners and teachers through meaningful educational activities around Geoscience topics and expertise in measuring the impact of these efforts.

Elena Sparrow - Education & Outreach Field Office Co-Lead


Dr. Elena Bautista Sparrow will serve as co-lead of the NNA-CO’s education and outreach field office at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She is a Research Professor and Education Outreach Director at UAF’s International Arctic Research Center, bringing more than 20 years experience working with educators and community members in engaging youth in environmental and earth  science in Alaska and beyond. She established the Alaska GLOBE program a year after the  GLOBE program, currently a 122- country citizen science network, launched worldwide in 1995.

Katie Spellman - Education & Outreach Field Office Co-Lead


Dr. Katie Villano Spellman is a life-long Alaskan and will co-lead the education and outreach field office at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. Dr. Spellman is a Research Associate Professor at UAF’s International Arctic Research Center who is passionate about plant ecology, education and community-centered science. She will work collaboratively within the NNA-CO to support and guide educator and youth engagement in the NNA community.

Twila Moon - Research Synthesis Lead


Dr. Twila Moon is leading the NNA-CO efforts to support and expand convergence research and to enhance connections between NNA research activities and national-level decision makers. Dr. Moon is Deputy Lead Scientist at NSIDC and brings more than a decade of experience in Greenland-focused research and expertise in science-stakeholder communication.

Noor Johnson - Social Sciences & Knowledge Management Lead


Dr. Noor Johnson (Co-PI) is leading efforts to support the involvement of social scientists and social science methods within the NNA community. She will also support efforts to build capacity for community-led data management and recognition of Indigenous data sovereignty. Noor is a Research Scientist at NSIDC, where she is PI and co-lead of the Exchange for Local Observations and Knowledge of the Arctic. An environmental anthropologist, Noor has more than a decade of experience working in collaborative, interdisciplinary research environments focusing on the involvement of Arctic residents in environmental change research and policy.

Andy Barrett - Open Science Lead


Andy Barrett is leading NNA-CO efforts to promote and support open science within the NNA community.  Andy is an Associate Scientist at NSIDC with more than two decades of experience in cryospheric research in the Arctic, as well as in temperate latitudes; dataset production; data analysis; and scientific software development.

Karli Tyance Hassell - Indigenous Engagement Coordinator


Karli Tyance Hassell is Anishinaabe from Gull Bay First Nation and serves as the Indigenous Engagement Coordinator based at the NNA-CO Community Extension Office at Alaska Pacific University. In this role, Karli will support Arctic communities by facilitating local/regional NNA research partnerships and interfacing NNA research with Indigenous cultures, knowledge systems, and research needs. With her background in environmental science, Karli’s passion and career has been focused on building collaborative partnerships with Indigenous communities and demonstrating the importance of centering Indigenous values and knowledge through tribal representation and engagement in environmental sustainability research.

Jenna Vater - Program Manager


Jenna Vater serves the NNA-CO as Program Manager. She provides community coordination and engagement, office management, and support to research, data management, and educational outreach activities. Jenna’s background is in working with Indigenous communities to center their perspectives and worldviews in healthcare and higher education.

Merritt Turetsky - Senior Strategic Advisor and Space Coordinator


Dr. Merritt Turetsky will serve the NNA-CO as a strategic advisor with the goals of helping the entire team implement accountability milestones and connect NNA-CO activities with complementary groups and networks internationally.  She also will help coordinate logistics and resourcing for NNA-CO space and activities that occur on the CU Boulder campus.  Turetsky brings more than 20 years of experience working in northern Canada and Alaska as well as playing strategic roles in large international research networks.

Heather McFarland - Science Communicator


Heather McFarland is Communications Lead at UAF’s International Arctic Research Center. She will help with NNA-CO science communication efforts. Heather has experience in science writing, graphic design, science graphics, social media, communicating to diverse audiences and community outreach. Heather’s background is in Arctic biology and conservation.

Katie Boyd - Evaluator


Kathryn (Katie) Boyd is an Education and Outreach Associate at CIRES. She works on the evaluation efforts on multiple large education projects and will serve as the evaluator for the NNA-CO. She will be utilizing culturally responsive evaluation methodologies to assess the project processes and outcomes. She has a background in atmospheric science as well as science education research. Her professional interests include science education, outreach, and communication, specifically helping to build bridges between academic science and local communities.

Lynne Harden - Education & Outreach Specialist


Dr. Lynne Harden is an Education and Outreach Associate at CIRES who will take part in the collaborative education and outreach efforts of the NNA-CO. Lynne has experience doing curriculum development, educational research, and web design work for a variety of science education and outreach initiatives, most recently for the 2019-2020 MOSAiC Arctic research expedition. Lynne has a background in earth and marine sciences.

Jonathan Griffith - Education & Outreach Specialist


Jon Griffith is an Education & Outreach Associate at CIRES who will take part in the collaborative education and outreach efforts of the NNA-CO. Jon is a trained geologist and a former middle school life and physical science teacher who has expertise in model-based inquiry instructional design. Jon has experience doing curriculum development and educator professional development, most recently for the 2019-2020 MOSAiC Arctic research expedition.