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The Arctic is rapidly changing, impacting the daily lives of communities and youth throughout the region, as well as climate across the globe. The NNA-CO takes to heart the responsibility to support NSF investments in Arctic research in benefiting local communities and today’s youth as our next generation, and to empower their active participation in Arctic science and climate change action.  The NNA-CO will develop and implement a coordinated strategy to ensure integration of NNA education and outreach into existing and trusted education networks and locally identified education priorities, and provide training for NNA researchers on culturally responsive approaches to education and outreach efforts.

Primary goals within Education and Outreach (E&O) will be to 1) build capacity within Alaska and Arctic-interested educators to leverage NNA knowledge and research discoveries in their classrooms and empower youth engagement in Arctic issues; 2) Build capacity within NNA researchers for coordinated, impactful, and culturally appropriate E&O; and 3) Develop E&O engagement opportunities and resources in collaboration with local educators for NNA researchers. In support of these goals, we will provide training to Alaska and Arctic-interested educators on leveraging NNA research in their classrooms and embedding the science in culturally responsive learning frameworks through virtual or in-person teacher training workshops. We will provide training for NNA researchers at annual NNA investigator meetings and through open virtual training sessions on evidence-based culturally responsive education and outreach practices. These will include teaching methods that engage youth in local problem-solving through co-created projects across school, community and NNA research, and linking to existing education and outreach efforts that span the Arctic such as Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment (GLOBE). We will also establish an NNA Broader Impacts Network to provide guidance and knowledge sharing for current and prospective researchers. The network will provide coordinated opportunities for community outreach through network-wide events, outreach fairs, and science storytelling workshops.  

The NNA-CO Education and Outreach team supports NNA project teams in engaging  with communities and audiences across the Arctic and outside the Arctic in culturally responsive ways.  


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Networking Indigenous Arctic and US Southwest Communities on Knowledge Co-Production in Data Sciences

This project has been renamed the Indigenous Foods Knowledges Network (IFKN). This award supports a Research Coordinating Network (RCN) that brings together scientists and Indigenous communities, Alaska Native communities and Tribal communities in the US Southwest, to advance understanding of the challenges rapid socioecological change pose to food security and resilience in these communities.

Broader Impacts

NNA Broader Impacts Network Meeting #3 (for NNA-funded projects)


The NNA-CO invites NNA Broader Impact Network members to join us September 23 for our next meeting. We will continue to work together through networking and through building awareness around culturally sensitive work with Arctic communities and discuss how to incorporate these strategies into broader impact plans.

We will utilize guest speakers, breakout rooms and other virtual tools to make these events engaging and collaborative experiences! Please join us to participate in the following:

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The NNA-CO Education and Outreach team is located at CU Boulder and UAF and supports all NNA projects.

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